Work Packages

DIAPREPP is articulated into five workpackages that include a clinical resource workpackage, 3 discovery workpackages, and a clinical translation workpackage. In addition, there are four workpackages dedicated to dissemination, training, ethics, and management. The workpackages address the five objectives of DIAPREPP, follow the natural progression of the work plan in a proven bench to bedside approach to clinical translation. The components include:

  1. unique clinical material for investigation,
  2. an exposure model for studying auto-immunization against islet antigens,
  3. a technology platform and approach to analyse pre-autoimmunity phenomena and test hypotheses related to these phenomena,
  4. mapping of the early autoimmune response to islet antigens and the relationship of the responses to pre-autoimmune phenomena and to disease progression,
  5. exploitation of findings by assay development, application to clinical trials, and strategies for prevention.

The workpackages and their relationships are summarized in the figure below.

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